Open Positions

Technician – Field Crew
Location: Vancouver, WA | Salem, OR

Our Team is our most important part of our organization and we are looking for a strong team player who will be a great addition to our awesome team.

Our Team is our most important part of our organization and we are looking for a strong team player who will be a great addition to our awesome team.  


Our Winning Formula starts with our commitment to find the right people and invest in them. When we do this right, everything is much easier, and we can focus on our real goals of delivering value to our clients and celebrating our successes.

This is a tough and physical job, but for those individuals who are up to the task it is sure to be rewarding. This is a great position for athletes and overachievers whose physical ability combined with coach-ability really allows them to excel here.

Some of the things our team loves about what we do:

  • Variety – work at lots of different locations and situations.
  • Satisfaction – there is something to be said about making a dirty window cleaning – Satisfying!
  • Physical – lifting, stretching, and moving is what keeps us healthy and fit.
  • Outside – enjoying the beautiful weather every day. 
  • Service – Our customers are always happy to see us which is a great feeling.
  • Feedback – Get consistent feedback for how you are doing.
  • Learning – We love our training system, but there is much more to it than just window washing… just ask some of our crew. 

Some of the qualities that will be a great fit: 

  • Motivation to be the best.
  • Physical ability and stamina to work hard. 
  • People person who is friendly and enjoys working with others.
  • Quick learner who can understand processes quickly.
  • Organized and independent person who is a self-starter.
  • Reliable – we are serious about what we do and hope you are.

We are looking for the right person. If the follow is true – we want you to call us!

  • You are a happy person.
  • You like puppies!
  • You want to enjoy your job and coworkers.
  • You want to build your career and skills.
  • You are teachable and coachable.
  • Details matter! You read the whole post and follow the directions to apply.
  • Hungry – looking to promote yourself and career. 

A little about the role

We wash a lot of windows and have a lot of clients who love us. Check out what they are saying about us on our google reviews!

We put a lot of emphasis on our training to ensure everyone know what and how to do their role. We want to make sure our process allows our team to maximize their ability to win in their role here.

After training you will work with an experienced crew member who will mentor your progression on our crew. Taking on more responsibility as you complete various milestones on your path to promotion. In a few weeks you may be able to complete small jobs on your own, and after a few more weeks become a viable and valuable part of the crew as we complete Window Cleaning and various other jobs we do. 

Promotion and Pay

We start training at $15.50/hr with a $.50/hr bonus for performance. 

Path to promotion = Raises along the way. After a few months and increased ability Crew Members can earn up to $18/hr. 

Our Experience Team Leaders earn $19 – $25+ Depending on Experience.


To apply: Call 1-404-380-1629

Last year we received more than 500 applications which is way more than we can follow up with. 

We only received about 15 calls. If you are reading this, then chances are you are the right person, and we want to hear from you! 

P.S.S. We have over 5000 clients and are just getting started.

P.S.S.S. We love our customers, and they love us back

P.S.S.S.S. We take care of our team. They are family. 

P.S.S.S.S.S. This is a ridiculous amount of P.S.’s

(Must be able to lift over 90lbs easily and carry ladders safely. Must not be afraid of heights and comfortable on roofs. Must be hungry)

Great role for those with Experience in: 

  • Restaurant industry front of house interacting with customer and managing a fast-paced environment. 
  • Athletics or sports where coaching, training, practice is important. 
  • Auto detailing, Auto installation or Auto painting. 
  • Construction jobs where finish and customer service are important. 
  • Any Exterior Maintenance jobs including power washing, gutter and roof cleaning, or window washing, window installation, especially working with ladders or at heights. 
  • Any fast-paced role where customer service and details are important.