Gutter Cleaning Salem

Why Gutter Cleaning in Salem Matters

Gutter cleaning in Salem is more important than you think. Did you realize that if you don’t keep your gutters clean, you could be rotting your home without even knowing it?

Did you know that accumulations of leaves and other organic matter can turn your gutters into foundation-destroying, basement-flooding tools of destruction?

If your gutters are full of something that’s not water, you need help. You need to call Ambassador Window Cleaning.

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning in Salem

Gutter cleaning in Salem is of particular importance for one simple reason: we get a lot of rain and we have a lot of tall trees. Rain and organic debris are a bad combination for gutters. If only a few leaves fall in your gutter, it doesn’t matter much. The water will flush them away, leaving clean gutters with no problems for your roof or your foundation. But what happens if you get a bigger accumulation?

Large accumulations of leaves, muck and other organic material can make your gutters fill up and spill over, especially in heavier rain. That lack of gutter cleaning in a Salem home or business is a problem above and below. It’s a problem above because the water overflow will slowly rot your fascia over time and can even get under your roofing to cause decay under the edge of the roof. It’s a problem below because it can dig out around your foundation, tear apart garden beds and leak into a basement or crawlspace.

Take Care of Your Gutters and They’ll Take Care of You

Gutter cleaning in Salem can be hazardous. Getting on the roof can be unsafe, especially for higher-pitched roofs. Getting up on a ladder, especially a tall one, can be a problem too, especially for older people or those with health issues. That’s where we come in. Ambassador Window Cleaning isn’t just about windows—we’ll take care of your gutter cleaning needs in Salem too. Let us help you safeguard your home.

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