Pressure Washing Salem

Pressure Washing for Salem’s Toughest Stains

Chewing gum. Graffiti. Calcium deposits. Smog. Grime. You name it, a pressure washer will take it off. Pressure washing in Salem runs the entire gamut of surfaces and applications, and whatever you need, Ambassador Window Cleaning is there to help.

Salem’s buildings and streets stay pretty clean, but when deeper stains arise, pressure washing is often the only thing that can help. If your building or property needs more than just a surface scrubbing you need to turn to something a little stronger.

Pressure Washing in Salem

Pressure washing, or power washing, is simply using a special high-powered pump to push water through a jet nozzle. Depending on the width of the jet nozzle the result can be shockingly powerful—some washer/nozzle combinations can even strip paint from cars or cause injury to human flesh. That power can also cause damage to surfaces if not applied correctly.

That’s why Ambassador Window Cleaning trains our people to use pressure washers effectively, only taking off what you need removed. Pressure washing in Salem is our game and we know how to do it right.

The Finest in Outdoor Cleaning Solutions

If you’re a homeowner, your house could probably use a wash, or maybe your driveway. What about that pool apron? Maybe you want to get the gray off your wood fence and add a little curb appeal to your house. Or bring that patio back to the way it looked originally. Pressure washing your Salem home can make that happen.

What about your business? Your drive-thru lane could probably use a little TLC. What about that parking lot with the gum and tar stuck here and there? And that’s not even touching on construction cleanup or that old garbage-juice-stained dumpster pad. We’re here to help you clean that graffiti off the wall, or make that sidewalk sparkle like it’s new again. We’re more than just a window cleaning company—we’re Salem’s full-service outdoor cleaning company. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.

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