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Windows are one of the first impressions people have of your home or business. Are yours clean? We know how hard it is to keep your windows streak-free and shining. That’s why we’re here to help you with your window cleaning in Salem. At Ambassador Window Cleaning, we provide service that Oregonians can trust.

The Challenges of Window Cleaning in Salem

Some challenges are unique to window cleaning in Salem as opposed to other areas. Rain can make it hazardous or impossible to work on windows, especially if you’re up high and have to deal with slippery surfaces at the bottom of a ladder.

Sometimes deposits can build up on windows if they haven’t been cleaned for a while, which can make it hard to get them completely clean. When water stays on glass for a while, it can dry and leave white calcium deposits which need a little extra TLC to remove.

We’re equipped to get your glass clean, no matter what the condition of the weather or the condition of your windows.

What Makes Us Special

Ambassador Window Cleaning is focused on quality. When you’re looking for window cleaning in Salem, you want a service that will make your windows shine like they did when they were new. That’s where we come in.

Window cleaning seems simple, but there are aspects of it that most people don’t know about. For example, it matters what glass your windows are made out of—different glass may require different cleaning techniques or extra care. If badly-trained cleaners don’t take care of more fragile windows or extra coatings, there may be damage. At Ambassador Window Cleaning, we’ll make sure your windows are done right. Your Salem home or business needs a window cleaner who knows what they’re doing. Contact us today and find out what makes us the best choice for you.

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