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Window Washing for Salem Homes and Businesses

Your home or business needs its windows washed. Trust us. We know—that’s why Ambassador Window Cleaning is in business. Window washing in Salem is something that some people think they can ignore. “It rains all the time,” they think. “My windows are getting clean anyway. Why should I bother? The weather will take care of it.”


You Need Window Washing in Salem

The weather may make you think that window washing in Salem isn’t necessary, but you’d be surprised. Even in wet climates, you need to think about keeping your windows clean—here’s why.

When water stays on windows, it can create deposits that need to be removed later. Calcium and other elements are suspended in water droplets, and when that water evaporates—especially if it’s quick—that water leaves marks behind.

At Ambassador Window Cleaning, we know how to get the windows clean on your home or business. Window washing in Salem is what we do, and we strive to provide you with quality service. We’ll help you get your windows as clean as possible, removing old deposits and creating a clean, streak-free surface.

Know What Your Glass Is

Window washing in Salem involves another factor not a lot of people understand, too. Not only do you sometimes have to deal with deposits, you also have to be aware of what type of glass your home or business has.

Is it annealed? Heat strengthened? Tempered? Low-E? Insulated? Whatever type of glass it is, you need to know so you can take care of it correctly. We’re aware of any coatings or structural differences that can impact cleaning technique, so we won’t scratch or mar your windows. Our cleaning techniques are safe for all surfaces.

If you’re looking for window washing in Salem, choose the ones who’ll do it right. Go with Ambassador Window Cleaning. Find out what makes us the right choice for Salem’s window washing needs.

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