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We recognize how important clean windows are for your home or business. That’s why we offer the latest in advanced window cleaning, uncompromising quality of care, and a guarantee of your total satisfaction. Our well-trained staff has years of experience cleaning windows and determining which type of service will provide you with the satisfaction you expect.

Ambassador Window Cleaning provides comprehensive residential and commercial window washing and home maintenance services. With locations in Salem and Vancouver WA, we serve these regions as well as the Portland Metro Area. Property managers, homeowners, and business owners have recommended Ambassador for more than 15 years, try us out and find out why!

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Are you getting your windows taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing? If you’re not, you might be losing out on business without even realizing it. Commercial window cleaning is key to making sure the curb appeal of your business stays high, keeping customers coming back and even attracting them in the first place.

What do people see when they pull up to your home? If you care about curb appeal, you probably take care of the gardens and the lawn—but what about your windows? Residential window cleaning matters more than you might think. That’s why Ambassador Window Cleaning offers a full range of residential window cleaning for homeowners.

Climbing ladders in the cold and wet is not recommended. We want you safe and enjoying the holiday with your family. Our licensed and bonded crews have the right equipment and experience to install your holiday lights. We install holiday lights on small and large homes; don’t risk a fall and ruin your holiday season.

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